Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Our website understands the privacy of those individuals who always visits. We impose a Privacy Policy because we show importance in securing the information of those who share to us. This imposed rule controls the incoming data from various visiting people and we handle the process of clarifying them cautiously.

We want to remind all our visitors and users that this guideline is crucial if they choose to visit and views whatever content we post online. We strictly implement our guidelines and we do not allow people who have no intention to follow them.

Required Information

Prior to giving access to our visitors and users who decide to use our website, it is our duty to require them in submitting the important data we evaluate such as their names, locations, emails, citizenships and ages. These details are from people who visit and use our site, but we never pressure them because we want them to submit willingly.

Data Collected Sharing

The details or data we collect from our users and visitors are always safe when handling them. However, we may also distribute them to some authorized government agencies, legitimate third parties and service providers with valid agreement from us. We only share information or data if the requesting party understands the rule or imposed condition. In case the law requires us to distribute information to other parties, the agreement must be legitimate.

Checking of Cookies or Internet Beacons

Our web site adheres to the condition of determining the incoming web cookies or beacons as part of our evaluation. We need to check the cookies because this is necessary to help us trace all visiting individuals who view and use our web site. The information or details involved from our visitors and users usually include the actual browsing portal and Operating System. We gather these details because we need to assure the monitoring of those who are visiting us on a regular basis. In case we choose to utilize any of the available details we have, our intention is to develop our online visibility and offered services.

Changing of Privacy Rule

Because we are responsible in creating our Privacy Policy, we also have the power to change anything from it. When we change or delete information from this kind of policy, we decide on our own without any consent.

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